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Raksha Sharma , Female / 37 yrs, teacher, operated for Micro Laryngeal Surgery in January 2006.

"My voice was distorted and was unable to speak since last 6 months. Thanks to dr. tejal shah for my vocal cord surgery and speech therapy. With her personal care and professional skill, now my vocal cord and voice is totally normal."

Madhavlal H Shah , Male / 72 yrs, Retired deputy collector. Operated for left Total Knee Replacement in Dece., 2005 and for right knee in April 2006.

"I was having severe knee pain with limping gait before surgery. After knee replacement, now, I feel 30 years younger now and walking without any support and pain."

Harish Rajput, male / 42 yrs, Advocate, Notary. Operated for right index finger crush injury with flap - plastic surgery in June 2005.

"After a index finger injury, my whole finger was crushed and bleeding like anything. I was feeling almost dying due to severe bleeding and pain. My right hand index finger is my bread & butter in my profession. but, my future was safe in the hands of Dr. Hardik Shah. My finger after surgery got a new life. I am writing like before and the finger looks like normal."

Shivani Rajput, female / 56 yrs, housewife at Udaipur, Rajsthan operated for submandibular salivary duct stone in July 2003. this was the rare disease , in which, Dr. Tejal Shah has removed 3*3 cm sized hard single stone obstructing the whole duct of the salivary gland.

"Before meeting Dr Tejal, I was suffering from jaw pain, facial swelling with unable to eat since last 2 years. No one can diagnose my disease and when it was diagnosed, no body was ready to operate on me for this unusually large stone. No I am absolutely normal without any complications. My god is Dr. Tejal only, who make my life worth living and for the surgery, she did not charge any fees. I can not forget her charity work during my hospital stay."
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